The X Factor =
Everything Detection & Response

Learn how Open XDR helps you detect breaches
early and respond quickly

September 22, 10 AM PT US Time

Learn how Open XDR helps you detect breaches
early and respond quickly

Stellar Cyber’s XDR Kill Chain™ is Ia breakthrough for
defenders – shrink the haystack rather than creating a better way to
find needles in the haystack.

It’s all about avoiding alert fatigue:

automated threat hunting

Group Alerts into Incidents

Learn how to quickly group alerts into incidents that show the nature and location of an attack – no more guessing about what each alert might mean

User Behavior Analytics Application

Machine Learning Visualizes Incidents

See how advanced machine learning visualizes incidents to clearly identify the most serious attacks – shows analysts exactly where and how to respond.

Threat hunting application

Preserve Security Investments

Leverage telemetry from existing security tools as well as its own sensors – preserves existing security investments and improves their efficacy

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Journey to the Intelligent SOC

Forrester’s Joseph Blankenship maps out the issues and considerations
as you modernize your security infrastructure

15 minutes video

Open XDR Security Platform

Open XDR delivers the key benefits
of eliminating blind spots, reducing time
to detect breaches…

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“The ability to monitor all our clients
individually, with machine learning on their
own data set, but also view…