Transform Raw Data Into Meaningful Insights

Our Data Processing Engine helps you make sense of all your raw data empowering you to see better, know more , detect earlier and act faster to attacks across your entire IT infrastructure.

Data Processing Engine

Key Characteristics

See Better

You need 360 degree visibility into your entire IT infrastructure and constantly understand what’s happening in your environment so that you can act quickly. Our Data Processing Engine aggregates data from all your disparate security tools from network to cloud and from end points to applications. Only by collecting all data it is possible to eliminate the blind spots. The centralization of all the right data in a unified single data lake, a hallmark of open extended detection and response (Open XDR), allows for both effective detection through machine learning and proper correlation of attacks across the entire kill chain. 

Know More

Centralization of raw data is not useful if it does not allow your security team to address the real issues and rather perform manually time-consuming investigation. Our Data Processing Engine transforms the raw data into meaningful insights. It helps you piece together complex attacks that are not easily seen with traditional tools. This capability is achieved in part by how security data is processed. First it normalizes the data so that advanced analytics can apply to any data regardless of its origin. It enriches data to create situational awareness to provide accurate detection. Above all, it  fuses data from many different sources such as network traffic and logs to create more context for each detection.

Detect Earlier

It may take minutes for hackers to infiltrate your system and steal valuable information. You need a system to continuously work around the clock and detect threats in real-time. Our Data Processing Engine constantly works for you to detect both known and unknown threats so that you can have peace of mind. Its’ machine learning engine analyzes time series data with unsupervised machine learning, performs behavior analysis with advanced GraphML, and does inference for similar attacks in supervised machine learning.

Act Faster

In the event of attack, every second counts.  You need to be able to act quickly to reduce the dwelling time of a breach. Our Data Processing Engine enables security analysts to act very fast from the very beginning of a potential breach to the threat investigation and response of an actual breach. Besides constant detection by our advanced machine learning engine, Open XDR also ensures catching early signal of an attack through automatic threat hunting, locating the assets under attack through the asset management, investigating breaches through a google-like search with contextual records, and responding in a variety of ways can all be performed either manually or automatically without leaving our platform 

Scale Larger

Attacking surface constantly changes and data volume is ever increasing. Your security team needs a system scalable with the data so that they can always get their job done efficiently. Our Data Processing Engine is building on a micro-service architecture with clustering using Containers. It can both scale out and scale up in both compute and storage to meet the increasing demand. This architecture with clustering and Containers is more fault-tolerant.  It also leverages a Lucene search engine  so that fast search can be performed with large volume of data.