Journey to the Intelligent inSOC

Join Stellar Cyber with Featured Speaker Joseph Blankenship VP, Research Director Serving Security & Risk Professionals from Forrester

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The industry is at a pivotal point, with the pandemic driving work from home up and also forcing hybrid work environments, cybersecurity professionals are challenging best practices and assumed to be foundational assumptions. Is a platform for the SOC the right foundation for the future instead of siloed tools?

The journey involves AI and automated correlation and response, to help security professionals build intelligent SOCs that deliver more accurate results with fewer false positives.

In this live webcast, Stellar Cyber and Forrester will discuss the journey to the intelligent SOC and the technical hurdles overcome along the way. The discussion will cover the following

  • Phase I – The rise of comprehensive data
  • Phase II – The rise of AI
  • Phase III – The intelligent SOC


For years, security practitioners have been trying to build SOCs by combining a dozen or more tools, and this has led to siloed tools whose detections have to be manually correlated. The journey involved collecting all data from logs, which led to an overabundance of data and attendant problems with storing and managing it. As the industry came up with SIEMs to manage the log data, it next struggled with the problem of analyzing the data properly. Applying AI-based technology helped with this, but only within each tool silo – the ability to correlate results from across tools still lay with manual interactions among various analysts.

The next phase of the journey involves consolidating a dozen or more tools under a single interface and automatically correlating the tools’ results to spot complex attacks. Through the use of log aggregation, AI and automated correlation and response, security professionals are building intelligent SOCs that deliver more accurate results with fewer false positives.

Forrester Featured Speaker:

Joseph Blankenship

VP, Research Director Serving Security & Risk Professionals

Joseph supports security and risk professionals, helping clients develop security strategies and make informed decisions to protect against risk.

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