Aggregate, normalize, enrich, analyze, store, search, visualize all your log data scalably and fast

Why Log Management?

  • Collect, store, query and report on log data for incident response and forensics analysis
  • Support long-range historical analysis and reporting for regulatory compliance
  • Continuous real-time security and/or performance monitoring and analysis

Stellar Cyber Log & Compliance Advantages

Scalable cloud native platform

Scalable cloud native platform

Scalable cloud native and multi-tenant platform for all your log data, unlimited, in one place

Full visibility

Full visibility with a centralized view by collecting data from anywhere, on-premises, cloud and hybrid environment

Actionable data

Actionable data

Actionable data with rich context via normalization and build-in enrichment including Threat Intelligence, GEO location, domain names, etc

Instant real-time insights

Instant real-time insights

Instant real-time insights from many build-in and customizable dashboards, charts, reports and threat hunting libraries

Fast powerful search

Fast powerful search

Fast powerful search for monitoring, investigating, resolving security issues quickly in minutes

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment

Disruptive pricing with single license and flexible deployment of your choice on-prem or in the cloud

- Data Streaming Application 3-minute overview

Complimentary OMDIA Report

Stellar Cyber offers XDR with built-in network traffic analysis, SIEM, and automated response Download Report

Our Testimonials

“We needed a cutting-edge solution for our team to better protect EBSCO’s very diverse portfolio of affiliates and divisions globally… More >>

– John Graham, Global CISO, EBSCO

Only Stellar Cyber

Logs With Context

Logs are parsed and normalized to searchable and readable Interflow in JSON format and enriched to provide full context

Application Data

Data such as application data like O365 and cloud data like AWS Cloudtrail can be collected via collectors using APIs

Automatic Responses

Playbooks can be built to allow many build-in actions to be simultaneously taken as responses, including email alert, slack, disabling user on AD, blocking attacking IPs on firewalls, executing scripts, etc.