Stellar Cyber takes cybersecurity to a new level of visibility including Cloud IaaS and SaaS applications like O365 & G-Suite

Stellar Cyber Detection & Response CapabilityProtect SaaS AppsSecure Public Cloud Infrastructure
Collect, transform and store eventscheckcheck
Automatically detect many attacks including account takeovercheckcheck
Perform both manual and automatic threat huntingcheckcheck
Auto discover assets and correlate eventscheckcheck
Provide compliance reportscheckcheck
Provide full visibility across SaaS apps, VPC, endpoints and networks through Open XDRcheckcheck
Easily and quickly deployable without any agentscheckcheck
Collect, transform and store events for AWS public cloudcheck
Provide powerful Network Traffic Analysis for AWS/Azure VPC trafficcheck
Open XDR Security Platform

High-speed high-fidelity threat detection across the entire attack surface
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– John Graham, Global CISO, EBSCO

- Securing SaaS and Cloud infrastructure

Key Features

Collect--Beyond SIEM Security Thinking

Data can be actively collected from many cloud based applications like Office 365, G-Suite, Okta, Tenable, or cloud infrastructure like AWS’s Audit Trail without an agent, using their APIs. With Stellar Cyber, security software based sensors include a DPI engine, so you can collect the right metadata from traffic in the cloud via the native interfaces provided by cloud providers like VTAP in Azure or VPC Traffic Monitoring in AWS. Create rich context for action by fusing the data from \other sources such as Threat Intelligence, geolocation, host names and usernames.

Detect with Security Software Built for Cloud Security

Among many threats for the cloud and SaaS applications, account takeover and data exfiltration are big ones. With the right data collected from the above applications, these threats can be detected with advanced analytics like machine learning used for UBA and NTA. More importantly, these threats can be correlated with security events from the other sources to have 360 degree visibility over the entire cybersecurity kill chain.

Threat Hunting--Internet Security, Network Security and Cloud Security In One Platform

Bring together best practices from internet security, and network security to drive a holistic cloud security framework. Threat hunting traditionally has the challenge with large volumes of data without the proper structures and indices has been proven to be very slow and very painful. And across tool silos. Threat hunting is now easy and fast through Stellar Cyber, with the right data collected and transformed with rich context and stored in a data lake for big data in JSON format with proper indices. More importantly, threat hunting can be automated to reduce threat detection time.

Cyber security operations

Compliance Reporting

Reports for compliance can be automatically generated and easily customized to highlight your security analysis results and the transformed dataset with its rich context. Other actions are also available, like automatic alerts via emails or even blocking the attacking IP addresses via AWS’s firewall.

360 Degree Visibility--Comprehensive Cloud Security

Attacks don’t work in silos, and neither should detection tools. Open extended detection and response (Open XDR) brings full visibility across the endpoints, networks, SaaS-apps and cloud infrastructure is important to quickly and completely combat attacks. Data and detections from a wide variety of sources are correlated to help piece together complex attacks across IT infrastructure. Easy and flexible deployment with or without security software based sensors makes this possible.